Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Clean-Up

The annual Christmas clean-up is under way. I spent a big chunk of the day taking down the tree and other various decorations that festively adored our place for the past month. 
 It starts off as just a big old mess.
 And very slowly things get neatly tucked away in totes.
 Until the rooms begin to look positively empty by comparison.
While I'll have to wait for my husband to get home to finish the final bit of garland, there are very few traces of Christmas left. 

The whole project was carefully supervised by sweet little Gypsy from the comfort under the blanket on the couch. And since it took me 4 hours I have decided to join her under that blanket to rest until dinner. She's always up for cuddling.


  1. I haven't started yet. I am hoping that the kids that helped me put it up will come and help me take it down.

    A snuggle is always good.


  2. That's a big job isn't it? I always dread dragging it all out and putting it away, but I do enjoy it after all the work is done :) I use totes for holiday decorations, too. I have a big one for Halloween, a medium for Easter, a medium for Thanksgiving, and several for Christmas.

    I bet Gypsy was more than ready for you to take a break and cuddle with her!