Friday, February 28, 2014

An Odd Week

Clearly I'm a little confused this week. You may have noticed I posted a regular post on Wednesday and then did my Whimsy Wednesday post yesterday (Thursday). Waking up this morning, thinking about how glad I was that today is Friday, it occurred to me that I had made this mistake. Sorry if I threw anyone else off in my own confusion - you know how it goes.

This has been an odd week all around. I've been slowly recovering from my latest cold and trying to get some stuff done. But in an effort to get certain things done I've completely forgotten to do some pretty basic things. For example, I was going to clean the bathroom on Wednesday - completely forgot. So I decided, well, I'll do it Thursday - completely forgot. I'm telling myself I'll get it done today but who knows. 

A change in formulation has me searching for a new face lotion and shampoo at the same time. My skin is extremely sensitive so when I find a product that works I stick to it with an unshakable loyalty. Unfortunately, companies don't share my sense of loyalty to these products and from time to time they get discontinued or changes are made to their formulations. I'm sure they think they are making improvements but, for me, it is a big disruption. I'm distracted both by the searching and also by the failed trials that leave my skin feeling like it has been sunburned. 

The lot right next to ours is also now under construction so my days are full of the varied sounds and vibrations of such work. There are lots of people and lots of mess on top of all the noise. I'm sure over the next several weeks I'll grow accustomed to it all but right now it is pretty distracting and it has stirred my inner worrier. I don't want to deal with discarded cigarette or trash in my yard from the workers. I don't want them blocking our driveway or mailbox with their big trucks. The construction is awful close to the house - I don't want any accidents to occur...and on it goes. 

Yep, it's just been an odd week all around. I'm not even entirely convinced this blog post makes much sense. Let's just hope for a more normal week next week.

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