Monday, February 10, 2014

NBC's Lack of a Specific Olympic Schedule is Shameful

Let me just take a minute to boo NBC's coverage of the Olympic games - a great big, loud, long boo. The reason: instead of airing the events on a specific schedule, all in one block, they give us a 4 hour block of time and tell us which 3 or 4 events they will air during that time. Making matters worse they will show bits and pieces of an event throughout that block of time instead of all at once, effectively forcing you to watch the entire block of time to catch whatever event you want to see. 

Babu Bhatt waves his finger on Seinfeld
I guess the assumption is that our time does not need to be respected and that if we want to watch our favorite Olympic events we have to sacrifice our entire night, every night of competition. What the hell NBC? 

Back in the day, a schedule was made so you could plan ahead and catch whatever events you wanted. You could sit down at the scheduled time and watch ALL of that day's coverage of the event. That was the right thing to do. 

Shame on you NBC for not respecting our time, for trying to manipulate us into watching ALL of the Olympic events and spending ALL night on your station. I refuse to be forced into watching 4 hours or programming and commercials for 30 or 40 minutes of event coverage I'm interested in. 

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  1. yup, that is good old NBC. We are lucky here because we can also watch the canadian station that has the olympics on too and they show other countries too not just canadians.