Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Compelling Reason To Think About Things Differently

I just saw this TED Talk by Derek Sivers who makes a very short but compelling point.

This idea that whatever you think the opposite might also be true, really struck a cord with me. At the core it is just a simple observation and yet when you spotlight it so simply, beliefs and points of view seem much more subjective than they often feel as we go about our days.

I was really struck by the part about how some foreign doctors see it as their job to keep people healthy instead of just treating illness. Although, getting paid for healthy patients instead of sick ones seems a bit wrong as health and wellness are not always within the control of human beings. Plus no doctor can control the choices of any patient and so shouldn't be punished when they don't make good health decisions. That being said, it seems like the philosophy behind this kind of thinking would probably put the focus on doctor/patient partnerships and preventative care to a degree that you don't see around here. Obviously we are doing something wrong in this country since we spend way more on medical care but have worse outcomes.

Beyond the health debate, I'm feeling like there is a great lesson here about tolerance and the value of seeing things from another point of view. But mostly I like that it challenges the feeling that I often have of being odd or strange compared to societal norms. If the opposite is also true then I am perfectly normal and society is odd.

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