Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Whirlwind Doctor Appointment

After several months of struggling with what I'm convinced is a shampoo allergy I finally decided to go to a dermatologist. I did a bunch of research into the options around here and narrowed it down to a few docs, all of whom are NOT taking new patients. Ultimately I ended up with a random doc and crossed my fingers that she would be any good. I guess until you go, you never really know anyway.

She couldn't have been in a bigger hurry. She took a quick peek at my scalp and decided she knew exactly what was happening, wouldn't listen to my concerns about her fast diagnosis, gave me a prescription without asking about my insurance so she had to redo it to reflect a 3 month supply required by my mail-order pharmacy and was out the door before I could ask any questions.


In the car on the way home my head was still spinning from the whirlwind encounter with this doc and suddenly I was thinking about this scene from Looney Tunes where Sylvester was supposed to be looking after a little mouse and a neighborhood cat devises a plan to get the mouse by pretending to be a vacuum salesman. His quick in and out is a lot like how this appointment played out.

Luckily I found the clip on YouTube for you to enjoy:

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  1. I hate appointments like that. I hope the stuff helps you.