Monday, August 11, 2014

9 Days into a Migraine and Counting

Now 9 days into a migraine stretch I feel myself on the brink of moving from coping to feeling tortured and panicked, which always happens on day 10. I can count on one hand the number of things I've managed to accomplish during this time and still have fingers left over. Those remaining fingers are crossed that the pain will resolve today and I won't have to face that horrible 10th day and beyond. 

Just in case it doesn't, I'm gearing up. As strange as it seems, I'm quite aware of how hard it is to deal with a migraine that goes on for more than 9 days. I'm not exactly capable of doing a whole lot to prepare but I am going to prioritize cooking a big dish for dinner tonight so there will be leftovers tomorrow and making sure I have all my meds, pillows, blankets and comfy clothes at the ready. 

A long stretch of migraine pain always gets me feeling annoyed with my body. What about the things I need to do? What about the things I want to do? What about my sanity? I'm pretty sure my chronic migraines and fibromyalgia just don't care about me. 


  1. I hope this cycle goes away for you!!!!!!!


  2. Hi, I have just read through loads of your blogs - I am not alone. I have had 17 day migraines and literally thought I was losing my mind, with the pain, jumbled words, inability to see properly out of one eye and fog that invades my head like a cloud. I am so so sorry that you are going through this, I understand I really do. I too put on a brave face a pretend to be 'normal'. I even went to my sisters house this past christmas only to end up, medication taken, curled up on her bed after an hour and a half. 1 1/2 hours that's ALL I could manage before the migraine struck and remained until after new year. I too have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have numbness into hands and feet, muscle spasms that feel like a heart attack. I so get your frustration and anger. I really try to stay positive, but it's not easy, and I don't always manage it. Thank you for the honesty with which you write your post. I too started blogging as a way of trying to be productive/have a voice/interact with people. Your honesty has helped me to look at myself more honestly - thank you. Sammie x