Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another New Doctor, Another Failure

After months of waiting, today was my appointment with a potential new primary care physician (PCP). As usual the entire experience sucked. The women at the check in desk weren't able to answer my questions about what some of the forms were for. The woman who took me back to the exam room and did my vitals was clearly in a bad mood and made me feel like dealing with me was a chore. Then the doc left me waiting there for another 40 minutes.

I arrived super prepared. Before wasting my precious time and energy I wanted to communicate where I was on my journey and where I wanted to go and then determine if she was interested in partnering to tackle my chronic pain. I wrote out what I wanted to say in advance so that my brain couldn't fail me. She let me get about 1/2 way through before she started typing furiously on the computer and asking me questions completely unrelated to topic at hand. Was I boring or did she just not see any value in what I had to say? I guess I'll never know.

She basically told me there is no such thing as a pain management clinic that can provide coordinated multidiciplinary treatment. She said, since I've tried so many things I should just use what I've learned and live my life.

I then arrived home to find my Imitrex refill had arrived but was short 29 pills. Long story short, the mail order pharmacy I'm forced to use skrewed up and won't correct the problem. Being shorted by more than 50% on my rescue meds means the next 3 months are going to be pretty rough.

I'm feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by yet another failed attempt to find the right doc for me. Plus, a bit scared about the many migraines I won't be able to treat. I hate this.