Sunday, September 14, 2014

Migraines Are More Complex Than Any One Factor

Much to my delight, the last several days have been unseasonably cool in my corner of the world. The furnace is on, we've been wearing socks, the oven is seeing more use, warm blankets are being used and jackets are needed when venturing outside. I know the warm weather is not yet over, but boy it's nice to have a little fall preview. 
Gypsy snuggling under a warm blanket

I'm always excited for the changing of the seasons. Each season has its own feel, its own stlye, its own color palat, its own unique function and benefits. Something about the variety provided by their cyclical rotation makes life feel fresh and hopeful. 

Of course, there is a flip side to that coin. Each season comes with unique migraine triggers. The really cold termperature of winter makes my muscles more tense and stings my eyes, ushering in migraines. The stifling heat and humidity of summer makes everything in my head feel swollen causing a pulsing sensation that can usher in migraines. The pollen of spring inflames my sinuses, which can usher in migraines. The temperature swings of fall causing my head to both overheat then get cold, only to overheat again and get cold again, can usher in migraines. 

As far as my head is concerned, there is no ideal time of year for migraines. You see, migraines are much too complex and, for me, too frequent to be attributed to the seasons or anything weather related. If only everyone could understand this fact about migraines and chronic migraines in particular. Weather can play a role, just as any other environmental factor can it is not the whole story. I just wish people would stop oversimplifying and telling me that it must be this or that. Even if I lived in a bubble of the ideal environement I would still have chronic migraines. 

The world we all live in is dynamic and full of things that cause pain, joy, frustrations, laughter, etc. This is just as true for those of us living with chronic pain as it is for everyone else. 

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