Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Painting Project and a Fibro Flare - They Go Hand in Hand

So I spent yesterday painting a wall. It was a long wall but one without much actual wall space due to the windows, fireplace and sliding glass door. The prep work was a bear because in addition to all the usual cleaning, taping and caulking, I had to take down all my room darkening curtains, blinds and all the associated hardware. My hands and arms were sore before I even got around to the paint. 

Thankfully the actual painting went fairly quickly, taking me only 3 hours to apply 2 coats. Like I said, there wasn't all that much actual wall space. But I did manage to trigger a rather nasty fibro flare that includes my hands, arms, feet and legs. My back and shoulders are also screaming but I'm not sure if that's my fibromyalgia or just run-of-the-mill pain. 

Today is all about the resting. Well, resting and getting those curtains back up. I HATE all this bright sunlight in here. Not exactly good for the old migraine head. I did put the blinds back up this morning and that takes the edge off a bit. I'll put the curtains up this afternoon - I want to give the paint a good 24 hours to set before I put the curtain rods back. 

The pain is totally worth it. The paint looks so much better than the white walls. I can hardly wait to have the whole space finished. 

It's hard to get a good picture of a wall with so much sunshine.

Next, I'm going to tackle the kitchen area. After I've taken a couple weeks off to rest, of course.

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