Thursday, July 23, 2015

Instagram As A Distraction From Chronic Pain

I'm addicted to Instagram. I've only been on it for about a year but it took less than one week for it to become my favorite form of social media. To this day, it still holds that top stop.

I love seeing the pictures my family and friends post.

I love looking at fantastic interior designs like on @inspire_me_home_decor and @interior4all pages.

I LOVE seeing all the cute little chihuahuas like @tinytinynikit, @chihuahua_juliet and @cheeky_chris.

And, of course, I love taking pictures and posting my own instagrams. Partly, because it's simply fun to do. Clearly lots of people feel that way as Instagram is very popular. But I also love it because it gives me a creative outlet. It has inspired me to start taking lots of pictures. I then have so much fun selecting which ones to post and trying out different filters and settings. Talk about a great distraction from my pain and other symptoms.

I'm sure this won't surprise anyone, but lots of my instagrams are of Gypsy. Come on! Look at that face.

The great thing about Instagram is that it's all about the pictures. Some are beautiful, some are inspiring, some are cute, some link you to wonderful blogs... You can follow whatever kind of stuff you want. All kinds of people are posting all manner of pictures. Such fun!

Have you tried it? Do you instagram? I highly recommend it for all my fellow chronic pain warriors out there.

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