Friday, November 27, 2015

A Migraine Day Untreated.

I've had a migraine since Monday afternoon. I woke and took my rescue med before even getting out of bed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving). As the meds wore off the pain from the migraine crept back in and so I've gone to sleep and woke up with a migraine every day this week.

I'm super thankful for the hours of pain relief (especially on Thanksgiving) the Imitrex has gifted me. I was able to spend some quality time with hubby and our little chi Gypsy. I'm so very thankful for these two.

Unfortunately, all the rescue meds I took earlier this week means I am without today. No shopping or baking on my schedule. Instead I plan to hide out at home and put all my efforts into preventing the pain from escalating - keep hydrated, stay in low light, move carefully, limit my activity, keep myself distracted... This helps me to feel like I'm having an impact on how my day goes but experience reminds me that I have very little control over how bad the pain gets. Sure I can guarantee the pain gets worse by having a big glass of wine or spending a bunch of time out on a sunny day but even on days when I do everything right the pain can still become overwhelming.

I do what I can and then just hope I chose the right day to back off my rescue meds.

Good thing I put up our Christmas decorations already. I would be super bummed if this activity had been delayed due to a migraine.

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