Monday, November 30, 2015

Love Notes as Stocking Stuffers

Today I will be doing what I always do on the last day of November. Making these:

It's a Christmas tradition between hubby and me. Instead of putting gifts in our stockings, we spend all of December writing little love notes to each other every day. Then on Christmas morning we sit together and read what the other wrote.

This little activity has quickly become my favorite part of Christmas. Spending a little time each day recognizing and praising hubby in a note helps combat some of the stress of the holidays. And reading 25 little love notes from hubby on Christmas morning feels wonderful. I feel like this brings us a little closer together, during what is usually a pretty hectic time.

And it's totally free.

I take some printer paper and fold in in quarters and tear along the folds to make small note-sized pieces.

And then I simply date each piece of paper. In the end we each have a stack of 25 dated sheets that sit on the counter ready for our daily attention. I'm excited to get this project done today and to start writing notes to hubby tomorrow.

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