Monday, June 27, 2016

#MHAM Theme Has Given Me a Boost of Inspiration

I've not been doing a great job of raising awareness this month. I do love the theme of Rule Your Headache Disorder - be actively engaged in your treatment. Yet I've struggled to come up with enough ways to talk about it. That might be due partly to the unusually high number of migraines I've had to contend with.

Even though I've said less on the topic and blogged much less than usual, I have been thinking a whole lot about how I might be able to take charge a little more in my own treatment. Over the past few days a plan has started to emerge around a confluence of recent events - I recently lost my primary care physician, I'm going to a D.O. for physical adjustments, I'm starting to get some pretty bothersome lower back pain and I'm still struggling to find the right medication to control my endometriosis without bothering my migraines.

The lower back pain is fairly new, like in the last 6 to 9 months. It started with some occasional sciatica and now (very recently) I have this constant discomfort in my lower back. I can't be certain what has caused this to suddenly become problematic. Perhaps it's just happening because of my age, perhaps because of all the pain postures I experiences, perhaps because of the adjustments I'm getting every month from the D.O. or maybe some magic combination of the three. Priority number one now needs to be finding a new PCP so I can figure out what is going on and get on top of this before things get worse. I also think I will have to insist that my D.O. stop doing one of the adjustments he does. The very last thing I need is another source of constant pain.

It's also time to start figuring out a new plan for my endometriosis. I think my migraines have been worse for the past month of so because of the latest hormone I've been taking. The good news about this latest treatment is that it seems to be helping the endometriosis but the bad news is that my migraines have been crazier than usual (and that's really saying something) and I've had terrible acne.

The real trouble here is a crisis of confidence in my OB/GYN. I like her a lot BUT since my endo has gotten out of hand over the last year some pretty big issues have come to light. It can be really hard to get a timely return call from her office. When trying to get a prescription for a new drug to try she accidentally prescribed me something with the exact same drug that I was clearly having a reaction to. I had an ultrasound done in her office but it took her 3 1/2 weeks to call me with the results. Then she told me I had polyps and proceed removing them but they turned out to just be chunks of endometrium sitting on my cervix - no surprise considering I was having some very heavy bleeding at the time. Seems to me, she should have checked to ensure it was attached before going in to remove it with a cutting tool.

Anyway, down the line I could need surgery and I'm just not sure I want my fragile body in her hands. Oh, but the very thought of trying to find a new GYN right now is overwhelming so I've decided to keep looking for medical solutions with the current doc but doing a great deal of research on my own about the drug options so we can choose what to try next with more care. Then when I figure things out with my back I'll start the search for someone new.

I guess if anything the theme this year has inspired me to reflect and then get moving on making these changes. After 10 years It's so easy to feel bogged down by doctor and drug fatigue or to get overwhelmed by the constant struggle to overcome the endless obstacles. I'm glad for the boost of inspiration.

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