Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Exhaustion of Being Actively Engaged

It's all so exhausting. All this being actively engaged in treating chronic migraines, not to mention the actual living with chronic pain. I don't know that people really understand just how exhausting chronic pain is, the toll it takes on us both physically and mentally. It's exhausting! Then you have to deal with the doctors, the appointments, the research, trying to explain things to family and friends, trying to manage all the things that you need and want to get done but never have enough energy to do, manging never really escapes it. It's exhausting!

Sometimes I just wish I could take a vacation from it all. Maybe a month with no pain and none of the constant management of my conditions, no medications or special accommodations. Sounds greedy, doesn't it? A whole month of getting stuff done and having fun without paying a price or having it ruined by pain, brain fog, nausea... Gosh, that would be so wonderful.

Okay, but the reality is that constant vigilance and effort is required. I need to stay actively engaged in my treatment or I'll be in worse shape than I'm in now. Yikes!

I just wish it wasn't all so exhausting.


  1. It's difficult, but it is possible. I do what I can to be involved in my treatment. The right doctor helps a lot. However, it's often me staying up today and making migraine prevention a lifestyle that allows him to help me the most. A lifestyle geared towards preventing migraine was a lot of work at first, but now it is seamless. It helps that mine started as a teen, and my mom just taught me how to do what she does.

    1. So well put. I'm still working to make it seamless.