Monday, November 29, 2010

Fingers Crossed

My migraine returned yesterday about noon and with no rescue medication it was a very long day. I had considered going to the ER but feel so guilty about my previous trip to the ER earlier in the week. I don't know how justified I am in this, but I live in fear of my insurance company. Probably because I depend on them so heavily.

Anyway, in another half hour my doctor's office will reopen after the long 5 day holiday weekend. I'm counting down the minutes. I've had a good deal of soreness in my lower legs the past week or so and can't help but wonder if it is related to the chest tightness. I hope it is, that way it will go away with the chest tightness once all the meds are out of my system and I've found a new rescue medication. The last thing I want for Christmas this year is another physical problem to deal with.

My mom's surgery is tomorrow so I'm going to spend the day today getting a few things done. I still have a bit of a migraine but since I forgot some basic stuff at home I really need to make these errands happen. If I get to feeling much worse I can always stop by the ER and treat the migraine. Of course the hope is that my doc will be really responsive and I'll have a new rescue to try yet this morning.


  1. Hang in there! The only problem with going to an ER is the TIME it takes. Insurance companies only care if you go to the ER for NON-emergent problems like ingrown toenails, common colds, etc....Migraines count for emergency care!

  2. also, watch how much you go into the ER because if your insurance is like mine, you could hit your lifetime maximum balance which, of course I did this summer with pelvic pain. Fortunately, I also have medicaid which took care of most of it. Insurance companies are so annoying!

    I do hope your migraine is taken care of by your doctor! I hope you get your new rescue medicine!