Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's Dent Pushed Me Over The Edge

I don't have a lot of nice things but what I do have I take really good care of. I have never been in a position to just replace stuff regularly. This attitude extends to all of my stuff. That's why at 32 years of age I have sweaters and shoes that are 15 years old. Furniture that was discarded by family and friends that I've spiffed up and loved into more than a decade. I regularly vacuum and armoral my car.

I'm very grateful for all the stuff I have - it is all valuable to me even if it was really cheap or free because it all serves a purpose. You can tell that I value this stuff because I take such good care of it.

The most expensive thing I've ever purchased is my vehicle. And the first vehicle I bought (8 years ago) is the same vehicle I'm driving today. I love my car. It allows me to be mobile and free. Talk about value. I worked so hard to purchase, pay off and maintain my car and for 6 years it was in great shape. It was in great shape until we moved here to suburban DC 2 years ago.

Apparently here nobody gives a damn about anyone elses property because it is getting so banged up just parking in our apartment lot. And I'm not even talking about little dings like someone opened their car door too fast, I'm talking about dents that are deep and in spots that don't even make sense. I have 3 different car paints that have transferred via scrapes onto my side mirrors. I have no control over what's happening out there. I park far away and even then some idiot will park crazy close instead of taking one of the MANY open spots surrounding me.

My car parked for years outside in apartment parking lots and even school parking lots and it has never gotten so banged up. This has gone so far beyond what one should expect when parking with the public. This is ridiculous!

I'm so so FURIOUS at my careless, rude, stupid neighbors!!!!! I have never, never even dinged one of their cars. Why? Because I'm considerate and respectful. NO MORE! Today's dent has pushed me over the edge and I will no longer be careful with their vehicles. I will in fact be banging into their vehicles on purpose and with muscle. I hate living here!
You see that picture up there? That's how I feel right now.


  1. I totally understand how you value your car and other stuff. I went camping once with friends and we took our bikes with us. I told my friends when we were packing up to leave the bikes, I will take care of them. Well, 1 of them pushed her bike up, without a cloth near the pedal and the bike slide down the top of my trunk leaving a huge scratch down to the metal. I was fuming. She scratched my car with 3 huge, huge scratches and shrugged it off by saying it was a cheap car anyway. Well, it was my car and yes, it cost less than hers, but it was mine. so I was angry and never went on vacation again with her. I went with mom instead and had a blast. I never came home with broken or scratched stuff with mom. She valued hers and my stuff too much. I am so sorry your neighbors are jerks. I hope your car survives for you.

  2. That really sucks! Some people can be so rude! I would be mad, too. I've had other people's kids mess up my stuff, and it really ticked me off that they didn't teach their kids better. I wish you the best of luck with your mean, crappy neighbors. Smile :) it makes them wonder what you're up to!

  3. Boy that's a scary picture. I promise that I will park several states away in Missouri...

  4. Heather - Boy, I can't blame you for never going with that friend again. Talk about insult to injury.

    Della - that's a great idea :)

    Winny - That sounds like a safe distance :) Oh course I bet you are a good neighbor.