Friday, November 19, 2010

Has This Ever Happened To You

Does this ever happen to you?

Sometimes when I close my eyes I get a, well I don't know what to call it, an image. I will see the room that I'm in from the perspective I'm in - only I'll see everything with perfect clarity and in bright light.

It is always very striking because I keep my surroundings dimly lit and between the visual disturbances I experience with my migraine and my eye's convergence insufficiency most of the time things are slightly out of focus. I'll be wide away, close my eyes and suddenly I'm transported to the healthy version of this same place. It will last a few minutes and during that time I can open and close my eyes without losing the image and then it just fades.

This isn't a regular occurrence but it happens at least once a month or so. Each time I am surprised and amazed by what I see. I only wish I could understand what's going on. Why does this happen?

Does this happen to any of you?


  1. Optics are strange, especially when mixed with migraines!! I never had a scintillating scotoma until I got HC, and its amazing what it does to your vision. A friend at work's son's vision totally conked out during a migraine -they called it an ocular migraine. Who knew???

  2. ya sure. when I get a migraine or am starting to get one, my eyes get very heavy, and then the focus issue starts. I sometimes have to stare at things for several mins to see it. I am really good at seeing in the dark but when I go from light to dark, I will get a long glare in my eyes.

  3. I can't be in the dark, when I have a bad migraine or a really bad one is coming on. I have to sleep with a night light on... it's ridiculous. I have an aura like disco lights all around, when I'm in a dark room. I can't be in the light or in the dark... VERY aggrivating!!! CRAZY things, these migraines!

  4. I get tons of different visual auras. Sometimes kaleidoscope like images, other times...totally blindness of the left eye. Never know what's gonna pop up in my visual field! Haha.