Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Got This

I have been so blessed by a calm that has swept over me in the last 24 hours. After being so stressed about everything that is coming out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, I'm feeling like it is all quite manageable. It's like somewhere inside the old me, who has stage managed and directed plays, planned fundraisers and worked as a social worker took over and analyzed the task ahead and said "no problem, here's what we do..."

I scheduled a planning meeting with my husband last night and we worked out a good plan and set a timeline and such. It even appears that this helped him to feel better about everything. Good progress is being made on the packing and organizing front and I feel like I can make my goal before leaving on Monday. The rest my husband will have 2 weeks of evening and 1 weekend of packing/cleaning time. That should be plenty of time for him to finish.

Everything else we'll handle as it comes up. After all we are two reasonably intelligent adults who have moved many times in our lives. We got this.

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