Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 Days and Counting

Today makes 10 days in a row with this same migraine. I'm medicating and as soon as the meds wear off the pain is back in full force. ARG!!!

The thought of wasting another month with no kind of preventative to try and the pain this out of control is a bit overwhelming - trying hard not to think about it - trying. It helps that just managing the simple things like making food, doing dishes, showering, etc. become all consuming tasks when I'm in one of these endless cycles of pain.

Just getting through each day right now is a struggle. I've given up on trying to rally everyday to do something. I'm just feeling so run down and each day that goes on like this sort of compounds that feeling. Have you ever felt like this?

Unfortunately, doing nothing isn't quite an option either. A couple nights ago we started hearing little critters moving about in the interior wall between our bedroom and the spare bedroom. I've had to be put together enough to answer the door when the apartment manager and/or maintenance man shows up to check things out. Put together might be too strong of a phrase, really all I'm doing is wearing a bra and comfy clothes that don't look like pajamas. Fortunately I don't have the energy to care what they must think of this strange lady who lives in the dark, nor am I up to worrying about what might be lurking in the walls and what they might be doing.


  1. I do hope this one ends today for you!!!


  2. I wish I could say something to soothe you. But, AARGGHH! Darn migraine, and darn critter in the wall...and maintenance people poking around, while you have to be semi presentable...and in pain...Geez!

    You need some help!
    Just rest, quietly.

    Mayo doc next Friday, right?
    Can he do anything????


  3. I am so so sorry you are in this current state of pain and exhaustion. I know the feelings that go with this and it is an isolated, lonesome, sad place to be sometimes. I am here whenever and I am praying for you. Praying that things will improve soon, very soon. Sending love and hugs!!! Laurie

  4. sounds like you are prioritizing correctly. hoping your pain recedes sooner than later; sympathetic hugs for you.

  5. Thanks ladies. Hopefully the Mayo doc will be able to help. Fingers crossed