Saturday, September 3, 2011

ARG!!! I tried to refill my Rx for Imitrex yesterday so I could get it before my trip to Minnesota on Monday (which is a holiday). CVS wouldn't refill it saying that the Dr.'s instructions indicated I couldn't take more than 9 tabs per month so my fill of 18 is a 2 month supply. I explained that this was a mistake, that I can treat 9 days, with up to 2 tabs per day so my fill of 18 is actually a one month supply. And this month I actually did that several times.

The rude woman at the pharmacy told me that she couldn't help me, I would have to call my doctor and hung up on me! I knew it was their mistake but clearly they were not about to look into it. I called my doc's office and, of course, he was already gone for the long holiday weekend and wouldn't be back until Wednesday. But I left a message and was told that if one of the other headache docs in the office decided to, they could return my call. About 5:30pm, a lovely doc I had spoken to before called and she offered to call the pharmacy and clear it up, because the Rx clearly stated it was for 9 days/2 per day, not 9 tabs.

Obviously whoever took down the info decided 9 days and 9 tabs meant the same thing, made the change and in the process completely screwed me over.

I got a call back from the doctor about a half hour later.  Apparently the pharmacy put her on hold for 20 minutes and she finally just gave up and left a message. She wished me luck and suggested I find a new pharmacy. I had already had that thought myself. This is the 3rd time they have screwed up my drugs and I've only lived here for 2 months. Of course I have to get this refill fixed before I can do any switching so the error doesn't follow me. As far as I'm concerned this is their 3rd strike and I just have no confidence in their attention to detail. Hopefully I can find someplace that will take my special requests.

Ever have a period of time when it feels like every little thing goes wrong? That's sort of how I'm feeling right now.


  1. That's about how I feel right now!

    Too bad you can't just march yourself right down to the pharmacy and cause a scene until they fixed it!

    No one could care less about good patient care! The nurses I had in the hospital I work at sucked....the drs suck...the pharmacies suck...the insurance companies suck...etc....etc...

    Ya....I'm bitter!

  2. As someone who put up with that kind of snotty, rude, inadequate service for far too long, I must agree that you should move on ASAP. I don't know why I waited as long as I did!

  3. I had problems with the CVS pharmacy too and switched to another store. They halved by blood thinners and my reglan twice in 3 months. When I took the refill to another store, it was fine even without fixing the problem so maybe that might help you. I do hope you fix this issue.


  4. It's more than a little annoying when everything goes wrong. Especially pharmacy screw ups.

    Keep swimming! Things are bound to get better! Keep your chin up, and have positive thoughts. Take a meditative break, and imagine how you WANT things to be. Do this as often as you need to. Try to concentrate on the good things, and the bad ones will pass :D