Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My migraine/fibro brain has created a complete block in my ability to think today. I am managing to do a couple simple things around the house this morning and will be going to my biofeedback appointment this afternoon so I am able to go through the motions of tasks I'm familiar with. The problem is that I can't focus or think beyond rote.

Right now many things are off the table. I can't read, write or carry on an engaging conversation. Even watching TV is a bit of a challenge, unless it's a show I don't really need to pay attention to. This happens frequently. Does this happen to you?


  1. Yes it does and I have taken to calling those "Lay Days". In sailboat racing each yacht and her crew are given regular days off to relax, repair sails and restock not just provisions but attitudes too. Chronic illness is like that in the respect that every week needs to have a lay day or two where all I have to do is keep myself hydrated (Husband fills two dozen water bottles each night so I only need open fridge door to drink my favored liquid), pee as needed, nap as often as the urge strikes, and get the occasional bite or two to eat of the prepared foods he has left in the freezer to be microwaved when the time is right to eat).

    Rest, read a bit, listen to soft music, meditate to the fan, perhaps sleep: a good day in my life as a patient.

  2. Oh, YES, this happens to me. I hate it because I really just become a bump on a log. And, not even being able to follow a TV show is frustrating... that definitely counts movies out. :(

  3. Yes! It happens to me a lot. In fact yesterday I started a post and then forgot to finish it so it is under draft. What a surprise that was!


  4. This does happen to me. It is very bothersome when I have a post to do, or anything that requires a little brain power. Some days leaving a comment is beyond all comprehension.