Monday, February 9, 2015

A Short Winter Break

Mother Nature gave the St. Louis area a little taste of spring over the weekend with temps in the 60s and even hitting 70 for a short time on Saturday. What a lovely February treat. Of course, migraines and a small fibro flare prevented me from doing much to take advantage of this winter break. If I was able, I would have washed the car, ran some errands and maybe even set up the fire pit.

The spring-like weekend wasn't exactly a total loss thanks to my rescue meds. Hubby and I took Gypsy to the park for a walk and I managed to make it to the grocery store. We even got our water softener installed. Of course, that wasn't so much something we did as it was something that we were home during.

Overall this winter hasn't been so bad. We haven't had any real amount of snow and while the temps get pretty brutal from time to time we also have had some nice day. Perhaps because of the mildish winter, I'm not feeling the usual impatience for spring. I'll certainly be happy when it arrives and I can do some planting and spring cleaning, but I'm still enjoying my winter wardrobe and the baking this cooler weather encourages.

She loves the park.

And we love taking her.

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