Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gearing Up For a Live-Tweet Experiment Next Week

I've been inspired by a recent experiment done by Britt over at the Hurt Blogger. Earlier this month she did a 48 hour live-tweet about her #chroniclife, documenting what she was going through while she was going through it. What a great opportunity to give people a glimpse into the down and dirty reality of living with a chronic pain condition.

She has encouraged other people living with chronic pain to do the same and I have decided to accept the challenge. I think the idea of taking a raw picture of the lives of different people living with different conditions is fascinating and I am honored to take part in it.

I will be live-tweeting all day Tuesday (2/17) and Wednesday (2/18) and following the basic guidelines that Britt set up for her experiment:

-Tweet every time I feel pain
-Share the mental health aspects of my diseases
-Share all the medications I take
-Share all the devices I use

-Activity respond to all the replies, unless they offer a chance at clarification, or improving the education of the experiment.
-Respond to how the experiment is making me feel in the moment. I will save that for the wrap up blog post.
-Filter Myself
-Embellish how I'm feeling

-Not judge me and be constructive - While you may find yourself consciously or unconsciously wondering why I have made a decision regarding my health, I ask you to be constructive. Stop and consider why I have made or have to make that decision. How you might handle the situation. What those in health care might learn from the decisions I've made. And by all means, if you have a better work around solution, please share.
-Consider committing to live-tweeting your #ChronicLife for 24 hours to help others understand the reality of your condition(s). If you are interested please get in touch with Britt

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