Thursday, February 19, 2015

In Case You Missed The Live-Tweeting

You may have noticed, I spent the past 2 days live-tweeting about living with chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. Participating in this experiment was interesting, frustrating and fun. I want to say so much on the matter so I've decided to break it into 2 blog posts. Today, in case you didn't spent the past 2 days following along, or if you don't have Twitter, I thought I'd share the tweets with you.

To conserve my energy I'm just going to copy and paste directly from my Twitter page. That's why some posts have larger print than others. Variety is the spice of life, right? There is no time stamp on these but they are in order starting with my first tweet.

Tuesday February 17th
Just woke up and can't get back to sleep even though I don't have to be up for another hour and a half.

Watching TV to keep my mind distracted and pass the time until it's time to start the day

Not quite time to start the day but getting up anyway. The rabbit and dog both know I'm awake and are anxious to get fed.

Just finished tending to our fur-babies and having a little breakfast - now I need to sit and rest up before I can shower.

My mood has begun to change plus I'm craving fries - this signals I'm in the prodrome phase of a .

Due to my increasing crankiness I've decided to put on some eye brightener so I don't look quite as bad as I'm feeling

Already hungry for lunch. Gonna snack on sweet potato chips and edamame hummus just as soon as I gather the energy

My migraine is progressing into the pain phase. Will it be quick-will it be severe-will I need rescue meds? Too early to know.

Exhaustion is setting in. Must lay down for a quick nap before lunch. This seems to be moving quickly

Short nap turned long. Would've been longer if not for dog asking to go outside. Going to brave the sun and cold

Pain has increased, nausea has kicked into high gear. Should've eaten at 11am. The thought of food now makes my tummy turn.

Trying to pull together someone resembling lunch while trying to decide if I should take an Imitrex or not.

Deciding to use an Imitrex is difficult. The stakes are high as is the price paid for a poor decision. I'm taking one now.

I take a generic Imitrex. It makes me feel terrible - it will make my pain much worse before making it better-plus side effects

Side effects kicking in already. Pain quickly getting worse and my sinuses are starting to drain.

S&*# the dog is asking to go out again - sun and snow should really make this worse

In the thick of a . Laying back down, this time with an ice pack and some Friends on Netflix to distract me

At some point laying down stops being helpful - that time has come. I'm still a useless blob on the couch but I'm upright.

Head pain, jaw pain, neck pain, sinus pain - light, sound, motion sensitive. Exhausted, foggy and nauseated

4 o'clock is exercise time. On tough health day like today I do only gentle stretching and gentle yoga poses.

Stretching always feels so good, all the pain really stiffens my body. Still feeling bad all-around just not as stiff

5pm and it's official - I didn't get either of the items on my to-do list done. But I did shower and stretch.

Gathering the will to feed the fur babies since I can't seem to find the energy.

How can such a simple task be so exhausting? It's called chronic and .

Trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. Still quite nauseated, nothing sounds good, but I am hungry. Hate this feeling

Decided to have a Cliff Bar for dinner. Small, tastes good and at 260 calories, it's a good back up when feeling so bad.

Feeling overwhelmed by the day and that pesky crankiness is creeping back up. Hope that some cuddle time w/hubby will help

Head pain is getting a little worse - some sharp pain around my right eye.

At this point I've begun a countdown to bedtime. One hour and I won't feel like it's too early to go to bed. Sleep = freedom

Finally in bed - so sweet after a hard day like today was. Good night everyone. See you in the am

Wednesday February 18th
12:30am- after being awaken by the wind a half hour ago and failing to return to sleep, I am officially up and watching TV

The whole idea now is to distract myself with mindless shows so my mind doesn't engage until I can return to sleep.

Just woke up again - jaw was clenched and pain at a 7. Going to just lay here until I must get up

Feeling VERY hungry this morning. Time to get up, deal with my pain, get some food and tend to the fur babies Pure will power

Once up and moving around I wasn't feeling too bad so I took advantage and made some pesto. Now I just need to rest.

Pain only at a 5. Headed into the shower - fingers crossed that this low level of pain will stay with me all day.

Exhausted from the "busy" morning. Busy for someone living a anyway. Hello couch, hello Netflix - looks like it's just us now.

Pain is on the rise. My eyes are struggling to look at things, my jaw is tense and tender and I'm fighting the urge to nap

Wish I had done this yesterday - eating now before the nausea kicks into high gear.

After food and rest my pain has gone back down a bit so I've decided to hold off on taking Imitrex for now.

Instead I'll take 400 mg of Ibuprofen, drink a glass of water and focus on moderating my activity/managing my symptoms.

Pain is creeping up again and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Maybe a nap is just the thing.

Awake and the pain has gone down a bit - again. Although I'm now feeling quite sore - left elbow and neck are the worst.

Having accomplished so little the past couple days I'm feeling like a slug. I want so badly to be up and doing. Hate this.

4 o'clock time for gentle stretches and yoga.

Feeding time for fur babies then I'll need to prep for dinner. Pain is focused behind both ears. Not enough to keep me down.

Feeling a little overwhelmed and so very tired.

I'm heading to bed now. Sure hope I sleep better than last night. Good night all

The end

So there you have it - 2 days in the life of me. I was glad that both days were different types of days. Tuesday was a migraine day, not the worst but bad enough to ruin the day and need medication. Wednesday's pain wasn't as bad, basically I spent all day managing my symptoms in hopes that I wouldn't have to take my rescue meds.

While this is a great slice of my life, I regularly experience several different kinds of days other than the 2 I just tweeted through. I would need an entire blog post just to go through all of them. Another day.

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  1. Thank you for doing this, and for posting here on your blog (I'm not on Twitter). So much sounds familiar to my own life. Appreciate you sharing.