Friday, April 29, 2016

Silly Reason Why This Migrainista Loves a Commercial

There is an allergy commercial that keeps popping up. I can't remember the product - they all run together with their promises of relief. Anyway, what keeps grabbing my attention is this woman whose sneeze sends her forehead into her husband's ice cream cone. When she lifts her head up again the ice cream and cone are stuck to her. Have you seen it?

Somehow, seeing this gets me imaging the sensation of the soft serve ice cream on my own forehead. After 10 years of living with chronic migraines, my forehead, much like my scalp, is constantly tender and frequently feels warm. Plus it overlaps with the pressure and pain surrounding my eyes. 

Anyway, I see this woman with that ice cream on her forehead and I can't help but think that looks like it would feel amazing - especially on days when my head in bad shape. It's soft and cold - perfect. 

It's silly. I know. I guess it isn't often that something on TV looks soothing or comforting in any way. Yet, I probably won't try it because I bet it makes a pretty big mess. 

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