Friday, May 4, 2012

Bird Watching

A robin built a fine nest and laid four eggs right on the sill of our kitchen window.

I've become rather attached to this random bird family who just happened to pick our window to grow on. I watched the two adults build the nest. I watched the egg count slowly grow from one to four. I check on them throughout the day, keeping watch to make sure there are still 4 eggs when mom leaves to take care of business.

At some point over the past few weeks of watching I started worrying about them during storms. I wished I could build a roof and walls around the nest to keep them more protected from the elements. I started wanting to open the window and provide a nice dish of food for mom to eat so she wouldn't have to worry about going out.

I know they are wild birds and not at all in need of my help so I am just going to keep watching and waiting with excitement for the day the eggs hatch. Thankful for the opportunity to have such a great view of the whole process.


  1. That is so cool! Right outside your window! Oh just wait til the babies hatch...take lots of pics. You will enjoy this so much!

  2. I love bird's nests! My poor little Robin's nest blew down after a windy day. I don't think there were any eggs in it yet, but the poor thing just blew down. I was sooooo sad!