Monday, May 21, 2012

New Research, New Idea

The Today Show did a story this morning about new research showing how your body positions influence a couple hormones that influence perceived power or confidence. I love this concept because it is so simple and it got me thinking about my own physicality.

Since the onset of my chronic pain I've noticed a real difference in how I carry myself, especially when I'm feeling bad. Lets face it, that's most of the time so over time it has become almost habitual. The pain often makes me fold into myself. Meaning my shoulders and back sort of slump forward. My arms and legs often fold or cross (and my muscles tighten cementing the position).

It feels so good to stretch and open up but it only really happens when I consciously decide to do it. I take the time to do stretches and yoga poses and love doing so. Maybe if I were to use this idea to really target the times when I'm beginning to feel bad and maybe even periodically during tough times the hormonal change may help me to cope or, dare I dream, help to lower the level of pain or length of pain experienced.

Okay, so I know I'm making a bit of a leap here. This study was about power and confidence, testosterone and cortisol, not pain or coping. But it makes sense to me that lowering our cortisol levels (the stress hormone) that can have a positive impact on our experience with chronic pain, even if it is only to help us better cope. Best of all, it's not a drug and doesn't cost anything! Worth a try.

Check out the link, I would love to hear what you think of this idea.


  1. The clip is absolutely spot on !~! We Must expand our upper bodies regularly and let the muscles feel the stretch. Not easily drawn to the front of our minds, thoughts of self-care, must be encouraged, felt, acknowledged and Acted On. Stand up, bend back a bit, breathe deeply, raise arms, go on tiptoes for a few seconds three or four times....

    Whatever we can do that will feel good within the confines of where we are will be beneficial to our minds, bodies and relationships. Grab the person next to you and make it a Two-Fer; the good feelings will be apparent to those around you and they too may get a bonus stretch that feels so good it becomes a habit !~!

  2. that sounds like a good idea! I hope it works for you.