Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Exciting Discovery

Recently I've started covering my eyes while practicing my relaxation techniques. Doing so because I was struggling to relax my face even with my eyes closed, laying in a poorly lit room; realizing even very small amounts of dim light is enough to cause the muscles around my eyes to protectively engage. After years of doing so, they seem to now just do it out of habit, needed or not.

The change in sensation that comes from resting a bunched up shirt or blanket over my eyes seems to almost give them permission to take a break. The assurance from these weighted fabrics coupled with some focused attention to relaxing the area has allowed my eyes and forehead a level of rest they haven't experienced in years. It feels great.

I've grown so fond of the feeling that during today's relaxation session I started to fantasize about having that feeling all the time. I started thinking about wearing a really dark eye mask even outside of my designated relaxation times. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love having the sense of sight. Wouldn't want to give it up for anything. I just really want more time away from these ever present tensions. So I've decided to take short breaks throughout the day to lay down, cover my eyes and breathe. Maybe doing this will help my eyes form a new habit of relaxation.

I hope so because if I can make this small change in the eye muscles I can surely find a way to apply this same method to the rest of my muscles, which also suffer from the same habitual tensions.


  1. Sounds plausible to me. Relaxing is so tough to do when we hurt tho I find it difficult to breathe intelligently when pain strikes hard.

  2. I agree. It would be nice to incorporate into the entire body/muscle structure. I think I was born tense. My jaw gets sore from clenching my teeth when I'm stressed.

    Glad you had this breakthrough!