Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Couple Simple Pleasures

I've actually made some good progress over the past couple days of unpacking. The more that gets unpacked the more this place feels like home. I'm actually beginning to get a taste of the relief that will wash over me when its all done. But there is still plenty to do yet.

Even though all of this has been stressful and very draining there are two things that have given me a great deal of pleasure. One has been watching little Rupert explore and acclimate to his new home.

He is naturally a very curious little guy so he was ready to leave his enclosure and start exploring less than 12 hours after arriving. When he finally got the chance I got to watch as he methodically explored new areas, returned to his enclosure before moving onto another area and back again. After he had explored all the areas he has access to he started repeatedly exploring some running routes. It's just been so fun to watch his mind make sense of the new place. He is so smart.

The other pleasure I've had is seeing all the things that have been packed up for more than 3 years now. Some of this stuff I actually forgot we had and other stuff I just missed seeing and using. 

It really is the little things in life sometimes. 

1 comment:

  1. Our pets really are like our children. We watch them grow, learn, and explore. It's so rewarding! I bet he is a great pleasure!

    I can imagine your excitement at unearthing and discovering the things you forgot you had. I have several boxes of things in storage myself. We moved from a large home into a smaller home. Easier to take care of for me :)