Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking it Easy Today

My energy and pain levels has take a big hit over the last 24 hours. The rate of packing and cleaning has followed suite. Deciding to take it easy today I've been going through some old papers I've been saving from my school days. Upon graduation the school district I did my K-12 in handed over this file of old report cards, school pictures and samples of my writing.

Each move has found me questioning why I continue to hang onto these papers since I really never look at them. Today is the first time I've really looked at them since first receiving them some 16 years ago. What a trip. It was sort of fun to read what the teachers said about me back them and sort of get an idea at what I was good at and not so good at. There were even test results from the standardized tests I had to participate in.

It doesn't take up that much room, I guess I'll hang onto it for just a little longer.

Happily I have put together about two boxes worth of stuff that we'll donate. Stuff that I just don't know why we've continued to hang onto and store.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's so cool that you have your school papers and report cards and such! I think you should keep them!!!! I wish I had some of mine.

    Take it easy and go slow...get some real REST!