Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doctor Drama

Drama is never in short supply when you live with chronic pain. Right now it's doctor/medication drama. The headache specialist I've been seeing since November and have just gotten used to, has taken a job at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. The clinic here at Washington University will be replacing him with two neurologist, but neither are headache specialists. His 400 plus patients simply can't be absorbed by the other specialists in town.

I tried to get an appointment with other docs but quickly started to feel frustrated and overwhelmed at the prospect of starting over AGAIN with someone new. Fortunately, I have another option available to me. A simple call to the doc I was seeing at Mayo in my hometown of Rochester and I have doc again. The only thing is that I need to wait until the end of November when I'm traveling there for Thanksgiving anyway.

This long wait creates some medication drama. I had been waiting for 6 months for this appointment and really needed to get some refills and needed to talk about changing one of them. Hopefully my PCP will be able to help me out with this stuff.

It's always something...I guess it's a good opportunity for me to learn to be flexible, patient and stuff.


  1. I am so sorry you are going through this. Good luck on your search for a new specialist. I hope your PCP can help you out until you do.

  2. I sure hope your PCP will be able to help you through this!


  3. Good luck back at the Mayo. It's so tuff not having enough headache specialists.

  4. Flexibility and patience are seriously overrated when this kind of stuff happens. I hate that you have to go thru the doctor dance again. Hope your PCP will come thru for you-November is a long time from now.