Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playing it Cool

I'm trying to play it cool, trying to not let fear take over, trying to not freak out. The Bachlofen from Watson Pharmacies that I've been taking for the past several years, the one that took my daily migraines down to 18/month, is no longer being manufactured. Even though 18 migraines a month is still a crazy number to be having, it's a heck of a lot better than daily.

I've tried several other brands but none of them have worked the way Watson's product did. These ones felt like a completely different drug.

Until I can get to my doc I've been taking another brand but I have to take a much higher dose than was prescribed to get any kind of benefit. The side effects have been worse and the benefit isn't as great.

I guess it's time to try something new entirely. This prospect is daunting. Backsliding into daily migraines would be scary and disheartening. With the PCP appointment a week away, I'm trying hard to just play it cool. Everything may turn out just fine. Heck, trying something new may allow me the chance to respond even better right?


  1. Anything is possible. Keep your hopes high, see it, believe it. Good luck with the new doc! Hope he can help :)

  2. I hope this obstacle is an opportunity to find more relief for you. I hope your appointment with your PCP goes well. Just take things one step at a time.