Sunday, July 29, 2012

Recluse Drama

I have a very serious phobia of spiders and most other creepy crawlers. They are small, quick, insidious and they appear to know how scared of them I am. My fears are unreasonable and way out of proportion to any actual danger they present. Unfortunately knowing this does nothing to quell my intense fear.

Having recently moved and having seen 4 large spiders in the new place already my husband decided to take a picture of one so we could determine what kind it was. Now, one large spider in our living space is enough to weird me out but four! The only thing that could make it worse was learning that the spiders I've been seeing are brown recluses. 

I won't even horrify you with a picture of one of these scary beasts but believe me when I say they are very creepy. Even if you don't share my fear of all spiders you will likely agree that sharing a home with these poisonous ones is not ideal. I'll have to worry about every shoe, every sleeve, pant leg and blanket as any one of them could be a hiding place for the brown recluse. 

Time to call the professionals. 


  1. Yes call in the professionals! And get a can of spider spray until they can get there. These are dangerous spiders.

  2. Ew!!!! you have my sympathy! I am not very fond of spiders either. I used to be able to scream, "Mom there's a spider!" and she would run and kill it for me. Now that she is in Heaven, I am on my own. Yuck! I do hope the professionals will take care of your problem!