Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chemical Free Project #4: Toothpaste

The thought of making my own toothpaste was daunting to say the least. The only reason for this is my extreme aversion to the taste of salt. For the most part these natural homemade toothpaste recipes include baking soda, which has a very salty flavor. I honestly couldn't imagine being able to get past this hurdle and had basically written off the possibility until discovered Wellness Mama.

This website has all kinds of great information and recipes for natural and homemade stuff. She does such a great job of explaining not only what ingredients are used but also why. It is here that I found a toothpaste recipe that makes the baking soda optional: Remineralizing Tooth Powder. 

4 Tbsp Bentonite Clay
3 Tbsp Calcium Magnesium Powder
1 Tbsp Baking Soda (optional)
2 Tbsp Powered Mint Leaf (optional)
1 Tbsp Cinnamon Powder
1 tsp Clove Powder
1 Tbsp Xylitol Powder
essential oils for taste (optional)

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together and you get your powdered toothpaste.

All you have to do is wet your toothbrush and dip it in the powder. For that reason I went ahead and got these small individual glass jars so my husband and I won't cross contaminate. 

Now this is not the only change I made for my teeth. After spending some time exploring the many links Wellness Mama offers about tooth care I've also started brushing with Activated Charcoal, swishing with hydrogen peroxide and doing the usual floss and mouth rinse. 

Honestly my teeth have just not been the same with all the medications I've been taking for my migraines and fibromyalgia over the past 7 years. Seems every time I turn around I have another cavity. The only solution the dentist offered was to use a fluoride gel on my teeth and gums. The research I've done on fluoride turned up some scary information so I decided not to use it. I may not know if this remineralizing powder will make the difference but it can't hurt, which is more than I can say for the fluoride gel. 


  1. So, how does it taste? Not too bad? I'm not a fan of brushing with baking soda, and any baking soda based toothpaste hasn't entered my home in over 10 years. Blech! Not a big fan of clove either. I've only used it for toothaches.

    1. It actually does taste good to me. It sort of reminds me to apple crisp but that's probably due to the cinnamon and cloves. I actually don't care for much cloves but it's a very small portion of it. Then again I didn't add any essential oils, which would have impacted the flavor.