Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Thank You Thursday

Dear Valentine's Day,

No thanks.

No matter how big of a fan I am of love and those I love, I get awful annoyed with the whole of Valentine's Day. Greeting cards, which normally cost $2-$3 suddenly cost $6-$7 because you have to get those you love a card. The flower and candy industries follow suit with inflated prices that take advantage of the well worn, well oiled V-Day PR machine. They have convinced us that these are the bare minimum we need to purchase in order to properly express our love.

Now if you really love someone you'll also buy jewelry, romantic getaways and go to a super fancy restaurant where you will, by the light of candle, drink wine and eat a meal that is $50 a place and  presented like a work of art with lots of white plate and very little food. Then you will head home and put on sexy lingerie, drink more wine and have mind blowing sex.

This must all happen on the night of February 14th, every February 14th. The pressure of it all, it's ridiculous! If that works out for you, great. My guess is that more often than not it doesn't. If you're single the whole day is set up to make you feel even more lonely. If you're attached you have plenty of days to celebrate your love for one another (anniversaries, birthdays, actual holidays). If you suffer from chronic pain then the list of things that can derail the "perfect V-Day evening is extensive: pain, exhaustion, the blues, finances, light/sound/smell sensitivities...etc.

Yeah, no thanks.

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  1. I'm kinda with ya on this one. We do celebrate in some way...but no dinner out, it's just too crowded to enjoy it...we eat IN. I do cards, and a little gift, and make a killer dessert, too. As far as s e x goes...pain has gotten in the way more often than not. Love is for everyday, not just Vday.