Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thank You Thursday

Dear Federal Reserve Bank,

Thank you for giving my husband a job. After years of being under paid by companies who offer nothing short of terrible benefits we are both relieved and excited about the respect and care you show your employees through great salaries and benefits (what used to be referred to as benefits). It's a real crime that this is so hard to come by in present day in the USA. We're both very thankful for this opportunity.

Dear Post Office,

Thanks for making the snail mail even slower by eliminating Saturday service. Now I know you've been struggling  financially for a long time now due to the increasing use of electronic communications and online bill pay. The rising cost of stamps just have not been able to make up that difference. I do get it and, what's more, I'm one of your supporters. I still pay my bills by writing checks and sending it through the mail. I send and receive two Netflix DVDs each week. Heck, I even still send some personal correspondence.

I honestly can't imagine the world without postal service. I love getting Netflix DVDs. I love Christmas cards.   But there is also a big segment of the population who don't have computers in their home or don't have internet access and the necessary security to make online bill pay an option for them. Heck, a large number of Americans don't even have bank accounts. The only way they can receive and pay their bills is through the mail.

All that being said, I fear that no matter what the mail usage will decrease no matter what. That will only continue to drive the cost of a stamp up. All of us will be hurt by this but it will hit the poor disproportionately hard.

The problems here are complex and I'm certainly not going to pretend that I have the answers. But I sure will miss Saturday service and am saddened by the road you are on.


  1. Oh I have the answers to the post offices problems! They could send mail straight to where it goes, instead of rerouting it out of state and wasting fuel, and time. If I send a letter across town, it does not need to go the opposite way into Georgia or Alabama first. Morons.