Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thank You Thursday

Dear Morning TV Crowd ,

Thank you for getting up early to stand outside the NBC and ABC studios, you crack me up. Many of you have made signs in an effort to either say hello to people back home or bring attention to an event in your life (birthday, anniversary, newly pregnant,etc.). Unfortunately, many of them are unreadable due to thin fonts or poorly chosen color combinations. But what's really entertaining is when you get so excited by the presence of the cameras you start to scream, jump up and down and shake your signs rendering even the readable ones unreadable. Yes indeed, you just crack me up.

Dear Sweet-Tooth,

Thank you for keeping me on my toes. You have been tempting me for weeks now with all kinds of unhealthy treats. You keep asking my brain to remember how good a Ghirardelli brownie topped with milk chocolate frosting is, or gooey butter cake, or carrot cake...the list goes on and on. And my brain is happy to produce a very clear memory or each and every taste you ask for.

I suspect you are doing this because sweet potato pie season came to an end and with it the amount of regular sugar I consume each day. Whatever the reason, you certainly have tested my will-power and have even reminded me how cool the brain is.

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