Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanks Migraine

I made a series of bad decisions on Thanksgiving, which made for a rough holiday weekend.

Our Thanksgiving dinner plans at my in-laws were scheduled for 5pm. The bad decisions started at about 3pm when, despite being certain that I was NOT up to a big holiday gathering, I decided to attend anyway. If it hadn't been a holiday I would have stayed home but for some reason I felt like I had to tough it out. To make matters worse, I felt compelled to be a "good" guest and not ask for the accommodations that I really needed.

I should have asked that the painfully bright light above the table be turned down.
I should have excused myself after dinner to lay down in a quiet room instead of participating in post dinner conversations.
I should have taken my rescue med well before we made the 30 minute drive out to the in-laws.
I should have admitted to my husband just how bad I was doing so that we could have left earlier.
I should NOT have ever left the house.

Instead I did the exact opposite. I pretended I was doing okay until I was about collapse from the pain and nausea and then I had to endure a torturous 30 minute drive home. It was too bright, too loud, too far from home and I was clearly not up for any of it.

I have got to find a way to stop putting all this pressure on myself to appear "normal". It's never easy for me to cancel plans or bow out of gathering, but for some reason it is so much harder to do during the holidays.


  1. I'm so sorry your thanksgiving was so rough, but I'm marveling over the similarity in experiences. I've done almost the exact same thing to get through holidays, I can't even say how many times. This year I'm really trying to put myself first, even though that seems to contradict the spirit of the holidays. :/ But, we've got to secure our own oxygen masks before we can worry about others, right? Right. (If I keep saying it, maybe it'll stick in my head too!)

    1. Thanks Steph! Here's hoping we both can secure our own masks first this year.

  2. I sure hope that Christmas is better for you!!!!!