Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Big Move

Oh the madness, the sheer exhaustion, the stress and the joy. This has been one crazy week. Let me get you caught up. 

Just prior to our final walk through of the new house, a well meaning but not terribly bright worker decided it would be nice to power wash our driveway. The problem, the temperature was only in the 20s. Not only was the driveway and the front walk a skating rink but there was also a 2 foot wide, 3-4 inch thick strip of ice running from the garage to the street. Sand was generously applied and ready to be tracked into the house. Great. 

Two days later (Friday) we are at closing. Just as we wrap up the rain begins. It rained, a heavy, blowing, just above freezing rain until about 6 or 7 that night. At that time the temperature dropped enough to turn the rain to sleet and within another hour the sleet turned to snow, the heavy wet variety. The snow then continued all night, finally stopping at about 9:00 am Saturday. 

Now we have no means and no time to really clear the driveway before our appliances are to be delivered but the delivery won't happen unless it is cleared. Hubby rushes out to get a shovel but with all the existing ice, including the thick patch running down the drive, clearing it is not possible. That top layer of snow was the only form of traction and with that gone it was back to being a skating rink. 

To make matters worse the delivery guys had to bring the fridge in through the front door and we didn't have enough towels and such to lay to protect our brand new wood floors. I had expected that they would have stuff that they lay down since this is what they do all day but apparently they just track snow, sand, salt and dirt into houses every day - no big deal to them. 

Monday was the big move. We hired movers to do the heavy lifting, which was wonderful but they too were ill prepared and certainly not even slightly concerned about the condition of our floors. For some two hours our doors were wide open while they tracked what felt like an entire beach worth of sand into the house. It was cold, my head was hurting, our dog was shaking and we were all exhausted. 

Since then we've had the flooring repair guy and an appliance repair guy out and we are still waiting on the cabinet guy, the lock smith and the cable guy. Even though I've managed to unpack the kitchen boxes and get most of our clothes and bathroom stuff put away, everything else is still in boxes. 

Yes indeed, it has been a pretty crazy week. I'm exhausted and in a good deal of pain. Still, I'm so excited to  finally be settling into our new home. And now that the worst of it is over I'm able to resume some of my normal routine - like blogging. 

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