Saturday, December 28, 2013

Window Coverings for Migraines

As all of you who suffer from chronic migraines know, window coverings are very important. The minute we decided on which model of house we were building, I started thinking about how I was going to cover the windows.

The 2 spare bedrooms in the front of the house were easy. We bought and installed blinds, that was plenty for now. I really just wanted to keep prying outside eyes from looking in. 

The back of the house is all windows. Two in the master bedroom, two in the living area and a big sliding glass door in the dining area. For these windows I turned to Eclipse Blackout Curtains. I've been using these for years with some degree of success. Normally I buy them at Target but finding just what you want is always kind of a crap shoot in the stores around here. Plus I needed to make sure that I could get 8 of the exact same panel so I went online. The results were thrilling. Not only were the panels half the price being charged in the stores but they also sold them in the 95" length, which gives floor to ceiling coverage. I was able to get 8 panels for just $80 and the shipping was free.

While comparison shopping at Target I discovered that they now sell a quality, aesthetic curtain rod that wraps in toward the wall allowing the curtains to block out more of the light. In the past I have used the cheap white rods that wrap around but had wanted something nicer for the new house. The best part is that rods were cheaper than most of the other regular rods and even came in sizes large enough to cover the sliding glass door, something the white rods never did without sagging in the center.

The only trouble is that these curtains don't block out as much of the light as the ones I have bought in the past. Though I am fairly confident that once we install some blinds behind the curtains the light blockage will be complete. In the past I've always used them over blinds and didn't have all this light come through.
UPDATE: Even with the blinds installed there is still too much light coming through.

The one trouble spot has been the front door. We have one of those long narrow windows that runs beside the door. The door leads into a long wide hall that opens up into the main living space and hits the side of our couch. Even though the sun never shines directly into this window due to the position of the house and the overhang of the porch, it is a bright spot in the corner of my eye whenever I am on the couch or walking from the living area into the kitchen. Basically there is no avoiding it.

While curtains are made for these small windows, they are all white, sheer or made of lace. That would do nothing to solve the bright problem that is this window.

Again turning online I found that Home Depot actually makes an easy to install window film designed to block out light. The best part it that it was another inexpensive solution.

A little cutting

A little smoothing out

Some trimming along the edges

Presto! What a difference!

It is like the difference between going outside with dark sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat vs. just going out with no protection. We can still see out but it is not bright by any means AND now it's really hard for people to see in, which is great on a day like today when the Mormons are out ringing doorbells. 


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