Monday, January 6, 2014

Blanketed in Bitter Cold and Snow

Hubby trying to get a head start on the shoveling early on.
We've been hit by this system of bitter cold and snow that is now headed to the East Coast. Temperatures have plunged well below zero and the 8 or 9 inches of snow we got yesterday ended up getting redistributed over and over and over and over through the last 24 hours as the winds whipped about violently. As night fell we could hear our shingled being pulled up and mangled. NOT what we want to hear just 3 weeks after moving in.

This particular brand of misery is nothing new to me. It is in fact a regular occurrence in Minnesota where I grew up. Down here in St Louis, it is fairly rare. Sure it gets cold, but not this cold. Sure they get snow, but this much and not coupled with such strong winds. Generally speaking this city is not experienced enough, prepared enough nor properly equipped to handle a winter event like what we find ourselves in.

Yesterday we hunkered in with our fur babies for the day. Rupert, blissfully unaware that anything was happening, hung out on the floor as usual.

Poor Gypsy spent the day under blankets, fearing the frozen temps and cruel winds that she would have to endure while doing her business.

Still in the grips of the bitter cold, with road crews still trying to clear the roads and hubby still working on clearing the driveway (a slow process in these dangerous temps), the whole family is again stuck at home today. With plenty of unpacking yet undone, I can easily keep busy but, honestly, I'm looking forward to getting out of the house tomorrow for my dentist appointment.


  1. Well, here in Louisiana it is in the upper 30's but then drops to the 20's in the evenings. To say that we have "experienced" freezing temperatures comes no where close to what you are experiencing now. But when you are born and raised in a climate that is warm 98% of the time with occassional cold weather in the months of Dec. Jan & Feb....very hard to acclimate to anything that dips below 50. We complain about the brutal heat and humidity during the summer but I think most would trade it in a minute rather than endure the chilly weather which requires one to wear layers. I find myself more depressed in Jan. & Feb..I long for the Spring to see the flowers in bloom, greener yards, fresh cut grass, butterflies and all those good things I associate with Spring. Enjoyed seeing the pics of the new home and your fur babies. Stay Warm!

  2. Stay nice and warm! it has been so cold with the wind chill mega temps below zero (like -30*) so kids have been off for 4 or 5 days. It has just been too cold to send them to school. We are back to school today.