Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hope For The New Year

The new year is officially under way but I've hardly had the chance to take notice. Hubby and I did spend some time chatting about what we hope for the year ahead and took in an hour or so of end of the year recap programming on network TV, but that's not exactly celebrating. We may be youngish still, but since we're not big party people, we don't drink and we aren't night owls we never make plans of any sort to ring in the new year.

If not for the extremely loud fireworks going off so close to our neighborhood, we would have happily slept through midnight. Being woken by the festivities, our poor little chihuahua was terrified and needed to join us in bed. As nice as that sounds, her presence in bed meant none of us got a good night sleep.

Despite our lack of proper New Year's Eve celebratory spirit, I usually do feel some sense of renewal or beginning this time of year. Usually, but not this year. The business of life has distracted me from all things usual. Such is life. But every now and then, for a minute or two, I'll catch of glimpse of that new year feeling and these are hopeful moments. After all, isn't that what the future and new beginnings are supposed to make us feel? Hopeful.

I tend to think so.

So here's to the year ahead. May the unknown smile upon us.

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