Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Burst Bubble

One of the many curses these migraines have brought into my life is extreme sensitivity to everything. Of course the insult to this injury is in the cyclical nature of it. The migraines make me more sensitive and the sensitivity causes more migraines. Simple annoyances like the sinus pressure that accompanied the cold I caught over the weekend doesn't just give me a headache, it gives me a migraine. The love I once had for sunlight has turned to dread. The high volume I still enjoy with music or movies now can only be tolerated in small amounts and require the high payment of a migraine. Basically anything that puts even the slightest pressure on my head is now a trigger. Of course, sometimes it seems my head doesn't need a reason to launch into migraine mode beyond waking up in the morning. Unfortunately this will rule out a dark, tinted protective bubble as a preventative measure.

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