Friday, March 26, 2010

Calling My Bluff

I woke up this morning with just a bit of head pain. It wasn't a constant pain, but it did persist as the day unfolded. I was faced with the choice, the gamble, of treating what may or may not turn into a migraine. While it's true, I can make a great hypothesis based on some environmental and situational factors, such as the amount of sunshine I am exposed to, ultimately there is no way to know for certain if this is going to turn into a migraine. And, as any migrainista will attest, the earlier you treat the migraine the better you treat the migraine. With the monthly growing price tag of $26 for just one Imitrex you don't want to waste any on a non-migraine.

Today I decided to call my head's bluff...and I won. Of course by win I simply mean my headache didn't turn into a migraine. I still got to feel icky.

1 comment:

  1. I am glad you won! Saved money too!
    A little less ickiness would be the next step! Fingers crossed!