Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I need to relearn to hear and listen to my inner voice. I believe we are born into a fantastic relationship with ourselves and through the process of growing up and learning social and cultural norms we lose that very precious relationship. When I look back on my years I can see this slow loss.

Recently I was blessed to have my body scream persistently and loudly enough to get my distracted, adult self's attention. This was the impetus for the recent drastic changes to my diet. During the past few weeks as these changes have been implemented I've begun to wonder what else is my body trying to tell me that am I not hearing or just not listening to. And with that a desire is growing within to really know and live my true self.

I'm realizing the way I live today is not in line with who I am. The world is moving so fast and putting so much pressure on us to keep up. And I am have been putting so much pressure on myself to keep up with the world and with my previous healthy self.

I wonder if reconnecting with myself will be the key to getting my migraines under control. Well, I'm hoping.

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