Thursday, March 4, 2010

Medical Records

I ask you, what good are medical records that nobody can see?
Medical records are so important, especially for people like me who have relocated twice in the last 3 years with another relocation expected at the end of this year. I need to have copies of everything, complete copies. This is my life here folks, my has been ridiculously hard to obtain copies of the pictures of my latest surgery. The best my doctor's office is willing to offer is xerox copies of the photos. Do you know what happens when you copy pictures? They are black. Not only does the quality render them useless, but color is the most important component to the pictures. What's with trying to give me black and white copies?
On top of it all the price for obtaining these records is just too high. As if every aspect of medicine isn't already outrageously overpriced, now we are to pay $30 for 14 months worth of records. Come on!

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