Monday, May 10, 2010

Just More Questions

A month of waiting was finally going to come to an end as I set off to my doctor's appointment this morning. I was going to get the long awaited results of the MRI on my jaw and find out if I was going to need surgery. Turns out the folks at the hospital never faxed my doctor the results so we continued on with our appointment while her assistant tried to track them down. This actually ended up giving me the perfect opportunity to present my list of symptoms. She liked the list and because of it she wants to check for little seizures. Interesting.

Finally the results came through and....she wasn't sure what it indicated. It was clear that what she was looking for to indicate surgery was not present, but it seemed there were some real problems. While I'm relieved I won't have to get my jaw joints replaced, now - just more questions. Hopefully these questions will lead us to real answers.


  1. A step in the right direction!

  2. Sure hope this leads to some help with the headaches!!