Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Pip Hat

As my husband and I strive to move back to the midwest this coming winter, we have decided to take in as much of the east coast as we can while we're still here. Already this spring we've gone down to Monticello and Bull Run, and into the city for cherry blossoms and paddle boating in the Tidal Basin. With the long holiday weekend coming up here we're going to explore some of the sites from the latest Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol, which takes place in DC.

I've been taking lots of pictures so we'll have something to look back on, and of course, sharing them with family and friends on facebook. A theme has emerged in all the pictures - my hat(affectionally referred to it as my pip hat). Because photosensitivity accompanies at all times I've found that adding a hat to my sunglasses makes a real difference. The tricky part was finding a hat that didn't squeeze my tender scalp or create a rub point around the ears. My pip hat fits the bill well and so it can be seen in every picture of me from our mini-adventures. Even though I'm not crazy about it in all the pictures I have no intention of taking it off as we continue to explore. This will just have to be the summer of the pip hat.


  1. Where did you find it? It is really cute!

  2. I got it at a levi outlet store a few years back - real cheap :)