Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That Time of Year Again

As we get ready for yet another summer we have to say goodbye to our favorite shows. I love spring but always dread the reruns of summer. I get why TV has seasons but as someone who has so much time to kill at home alone in various stages of pain I would really like to have the variety year round. With the shows I enjoy watching coming to an end for 4 months or more I feel a little dread looming.

I've really enjoyed some of the new shows this season like V, Mercy, Modern Family, Parenthood, and The Middle. Unfortunately V and Mercy will not be returning in the fall. As ridiculous as it may sound, I'm really going to miss the shows that won't be returning; especially Lost. I just started watching Lost last spring on Netflix Watch Instantly. I made it through all 5 seasons by the start of this 6th and final season in March, which just ended this past weekend. I absolutely loved this story, the characters and the very unusual television experience that was Lost.

It does appear there will be some new programming this summer, which I'll try out. I'm glad to see some of the networks offering something more than just reruns. Hopefully this will catch on and become more prevalent.
Will you be missing any shows this summer?


  1. I know the feeling! But every now and then we get super daggy wonderful shows that they don't bother running through the rating season... and they are such fun! I hope you find some!

  2. V will be back, but it will start midseason again. I'm super bummed about Mercy not making it. I watch all those shows but The Middle so we must have very similar taste!

  3. Will be missing Lost too, but I think we can look for LOST THE MOVIE one of these days. It was interesting, had such fluid timelines, and kept my mind occupied. sigh.

  4. V's coming back!?! I had read it was cancelled, but I guess I read wrong. That's great!