Friday, July 23, 2010

7th and Final Day

Today was my 7th and final day of appointments at Mayo. I saw a doc in the women's clinic in the morning. She and I talked about several things and while she didn't really have anything by way of answers she did have lots of good and interesting information. What stuck out most in my mind is that progesterone acts as a natural muscle relaxant. Apparently we have a high level of it from when we ovulate until we get our period. This keeps the muscles, specifically the uterus (but it effects all the muscles), relaxed so the egg will have a better chance at implantation. This is significant to me because I am having a real struggle with all my muscles, especially overnight. Likely, this is why I have fewer migraines during that time. I was relieved to have someone agree with me that I don't have menstrual migraines. It seems like the second a doctor hears that my cycles have an effect on my migraines they say, "oh you have menstrual migraines." And proceed to dismiss the issue. My thinking has always been that menstrual migraines occur around the time that you menstruate. I have them almost continually from the time I menstruate until I ovulate again so that tells me that whatever hormones are at play during ovulation and immediately following actually help my migraines. That's almost exactly what she said.

Then I had my final follow up with the headache clinic doc basically to review and tie up loose ends. My trip here as a whole was worthwhile. I got some good information, a referral for PT that sounds promising, I got to see my great friends and family and enjoy the fabulous city of Rochester, MN. I'm beyond frustrated that the catalyst issue has not been addressed by anyone, but you've probably heard enough about that by now. I know I have.

I've been away from home for 17 days now and boy do I miss my husband and dog. We've never been apart for so long. I'm not headed home quite yet though. As luck would have it a friend of mine is getting married tomorrow so I'm going to stay through the weekend and leave on Monday. It will be Thursday afternoon before I'm finally reunited with my family.


  1. Well done, you have made the most of the week, and hopefully the information and resources will improve your quality of life!
    Best wishes for the wedding and the trip home!

  2. Safe travel home. You have definitely made the most of the week's investigation and all the specialist's information. Well done!

  3. Have fun (and no headache) at the wedding. Any progress is great news! Wish "the guy" had a few more cancellations so you could get it all done at once.

  4. Check out my post "versatile blogger" have been nominated, my friend! =)